surveying basics
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surveying basics

(quiz) GE - Surveying - Surveying basics

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Finding the elevations of a point with respect to a given or assumed and establish points given elevation or at different elevations with respect to given or assumed datum is

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What type of surveys needs to fix the boundaries of municipalities and of state and federal jurisdictions?

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Which of the following units measurement system is generally employed?

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Determining quantities or afford sufficient data for the designing of works such as roads and reservoirs is called

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What is the prominent point on the chain line and can be either at the beginning of the chain line or at the end?

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Which of the following details need not be given at the beginning of a particular chain survey lines?

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Which of the following should be examined by a surveyor before selecting the stations?

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What is driven or filled or embedded in the roads during the marking of survey stations?

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Which of the following contains two plane mirrors or two right angles isosceles prisms placed one above the other?

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Which of the following is the superior table?

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Which cross staff consists of two cylinders of equal diameter placed one on top of the other?

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Which cross staff consists of a hollow octagonal box?

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A survey station is prominent on the chain line and can be either at the beginning of the chain or at the end. Such stations are known as

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In case, to get a well-proportioned or well-shaped triangle, no angle should be less than

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A surveyor measured the distance between two points on the plan drawn to a scale of 1 cm is equal 40 m and the result was 468 m. But, actual scale is 1 cm = 20 m. Find the true distance between the two points.

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The difference between a measurement and the true value of the quantity measured is

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Which line passes through a point, such that plane passing that point and the north and south poles, intersects with the surface of the earth?

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The magnetic bearing of a line AB is S 28°30′ E. Calculate the true bearing if the declination is 7°30′ West.

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If rapid sweep with right hand signaled by surveyor then action by the assistant is

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The chainmen keeps both the handles in the right hand and throws the rest of the portion of the chain in the forward direction with his right hand to

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